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03.09. (Friday) – Open to the public

The day, which is open to all interested parties, aims to professionalise the discourse and political action in relation to sex work.

The goals of this day are:

  • Networking between politics, administration and sex workers
  • Promoting communication with each other
  • Joint thematic work with goals far beyond the conference
  • Controversial discussion on a factual level on the current debate on prostitution and human trafficking
  • The sex purchase ban (“Nordic model”) versus regulatory model and labour rights for sex workers
  • Presentation of facts and contents as well as elaboration of specific action steps to improve working conditions in sex work as a basis for political decisions.

The aim is to bring all those involved to a symbolic table and thus establish a factual dialogue between politicians and representatives of the authorities on the one hand and counselling centres and sex workers on the other. We hope to lay the foundation for constructive future cooperation as a basis for good political solutions to improve working conditions in sex work.