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Information – not exclusion!

Under this motto, the first sex work conference will take place in Stuttgart on 02 and 03 September 2021.

Organised by sex workers, the Berufsverband für sexuelle und erotische Dienstleistungen e.V. (Professional Association for Sexual and Erotic Services) and with the active support of AIDS-Hilfe Stuttgart e.V., this event will be used to talk intensively about the realities of life in our industry.

Our declared goal is to educate people about the general situation of sex workers as well as about the particular difficulties that sex workers face in Stuttgart and the surrounding area.

We want to use these two days to break down misconceptions, fight stigmatisation and, through exchange and networking, also work to improve our working conditions.

Special attention will be given to the so-called “Nordic Model” and why it is not beneficial but dangerous for sex workers.

The first day of the conference will be a community day open exclusively to active and former sex workers. Empowerment, networking, exchange of experiences and anti-discrimination work will be the focus.

We will pay special attention to integrating people from sex work who are often not found or heard in association circles and in political work, such as male and trans* sex workers, queer people, migrants, colleagues with disabilities and sex workers affected by racism.

The second day is open to all interested parties. The aim is to objectify the discourse and political action in relation to sex work. All those involved (politicians, employees of the administration, the health department, counselling centres, as well as operators, sex workers and interested private people) should come together and not only inform themselves about the current issues, but also develop joint approaches. We would like to see the emergence of networks in order to create a better basis for a realistic approach and practice-oriented decisions in and with the sex work sector.

Are you a sex worker and can you imagine giving a lecture or workshop? Then take a look at our call “We’re looking for you for our conference” and get in touch with us.