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Wanted: Sex workers as speakers

Attention sex workers! We are looking for you for our conference!

Are you a sex worker and would like to share tips, tricks and experiences from your profession with colleagues?

Do you have skills and knowledge from other professions that could be useful for sex workers?

Are you involved in activism, politics, counselling or therapy and would like to share your experiences?

Do you have a great project in the field of sex work and would like to present it?

Would you like to talk about difficulties, experiences of exclusion and discrimination within the industry that you have experienced because you are a trans* sex worker, non-binary, queer, migrant, non-white or have a disability?

Did you successfully start working online during the pandemic, or have you been doing so for a while and would like to give colleagues helpful tips on how to get started?

Would you like to explain and convey the basics of your work in the field of Tantra to colleagues? Or maybe just treat your colleagues to a short relaxing massage?

Do you simply feel the need to talk to other sex workers about topics like “Sex work and partnership – how does it work?”, “Being a parent as a sex worker – how do I reconcile both? “Sex work with a chronic illness” or similar?

Then get in touch with us!

We want as much exchange and contributions as possible from sex workers for sex workers. If you can imagine offering a short talk, a workshop or a roundtable discussion on site or online – send an email to:

If you would like to offer a contribution, but are afraid of being outed, then an online contribution is recommended. We will be working with zoom, so you can either wear a mask or just leave the camera off.